Developing a Clear View of an Eyesore Device



岂珀为全球领先的公司提供所需的 专家网络服务。专家网络服务是按照客户的要求寻找行业专家、专家顾问;客户通过电话访谈电话咨询等形式与专家顾问就自己关注的问题进行电话咨询,以达成支持项目。岂珀专家网络见解是岂珀的行业专家就某一热点问题进行深度剖析,多维度解读的高价值专家网络业务。在私募基金投资投资眼科特种设备的时候,它需要深入的了解设备的用途、采购、生命周期等等问题。Guidepoint 结合客户的特点和目标市场的情况,帮助客户解决其关心的问题。

A private equity (PE) firm specializing in the healthcare sector was evaluating investing in a company developing a device with the potential to treat glaucoma patients. While the device has a highly specialized use, the analysts at the PE firm hypothesized it had the potential to deliver high returns. Over a period of three months, the analysts submitted several research projects to Guidepoint. The purpose of the initial projects was to obtain market overviews from leading ophthalmologists treating glaucoma. Subsequent projects were seeking more nuanced, detailed insights.


For each round of research requests, Guidepoint provided profiles of selected Guidepoint Advisors best suited to the PE firm’s needs and arranged initial phone consultations within a day or two of receiving the requests. In total, the PE firm completed more than a dozen calls on the topic, speaking to Guidepoint Advisors such as:
  • A partner and surgeon in a large Midwestern ophthalmology practice, who also serves as professor of ophthalmology at Minnesota State University and a clinical researcher
  • A director of a California eye center who is also an associate clinical professor at two large public universities that investigate new drug therapies
  • ƒƒAn ophthalmologist specializing in glaucoma and cataract treatment who is a past president of the American Glaucoma Society
  • ƒA Florida-based comprehensive ophthalmologist and assistant clinical professor of ophthalmology who is an acknowledged quality improvement expert
  • A clinical professor of ophthalmology at a major Mid-Atlantic university who formerly served as editor-in-chief of a quarterly glaucoma journal and has authored more than 140 peer-reviewed publications
  • An ophthalmologist practicing “no stitch, small incision” cataract surgery, glaucoma, and oculoplastics


Based in part upon insights from analyst conversations with these Guidepoint Advisors, the private equity firm made the decision to lead a round of funding for the emerging medical device company.