Guidepoint offers clients a number of services to interact with Advisors and get their questions answered.

Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations offer a direct, private conversation between a client and an appropriate subject matter expert. Your dedicated Guidepoint Project Manager identifies the business Advisors who best fit your project request and sets up your Guidepoint consultation.


Our series of industry-leading events are designed to offer insight on trending topics across industries. We offer teleconferences, custom events, and breakfast and lunch meetings in conjunction with industry conferences.


Imagine what you could do with information from hundreds of experts. When you field a Guidepoint survey, that’s precisely what you’ll get. Surveys can be a powerful tool in the decision-making process, efficiently delivering insights from a large number of experts in a short period of time.

Data Insights

Are you ready to get the most out of your data? Our offerings are designed to bring value to sophisticated, data-savvy clients as well as information-focused clients looking to incorporate quantitative data into a fundamental perspective. Our data product options include raw data feeds, summary & overview data, and custom data sets.

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Hedge Funds, including 5 of the largest firms


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Consulting Firms

Guidepoint works with the world’s top consulting firms of all sizes and focus areas. We help consultants compile numerous opinions and data points as they complete due diligence on companies, markets, and products; work on market assessments; and research product launches.

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds work with Guidepoint to perform due diligence and management checks as well as learn more about companies they are considering as potential investments. We work with hedge funds of varying investment styles to provide expertise that best fits their needs.

Private Equity Firms

Private Equity clients work with Guidepoint at all stages of deal cycles. Guidepoint provides valuable assistance each step of the way so Private Equity professionals can learn more about the companies and industries they are researching.


Guidepoint works with corporate executives to research market trends and information, strategize on internal product development and planning, and enhance their overall research capabilities. Corporate clients range in size and revenue, and we adapt our services to fit their needs.

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