Making Sense of the Fast-Moving Taxi App Market



岂珀为全球领先的公司提供所需的 专家网络服务。专家网络服务是按照客户的要求寻找行业专家、专家顾问;客户通过电话访谈电话咨询等形式与专家顾问就自己关注的问题进行电话咨询,以达成支持项目。岂珀专家网络见解是岂珀的行业专家就某一热点问题进行深度剖析,多维度解读的高价值专家网络业务。随着移动互联网络的快速发展,打车APP的业务模式、市场前景等问题成为投资者的关心的问题。Guidepoint 通过自有的专家网络联系相关的专家,为客户解答关心的问题。

A consulting director working at a Beijing-based tech advisory firm needed to get up to speed quickly on the taxi-hailing app market in Southeast Asia. His client, a firm considering an investment in the sector, wanted to understand the market opportunity and the competitive landscape.


Within 48 hours, Guidepoint identified and recruited five new Guidepoint Advisors from various southeastern Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, all of whom could offer specific insights into this niche market.
The client of the tech advisory firm moved closer to making an investment in the sector.
Guidepoint promptly scheduled calls between the consulting director and the two experts he selected:
  • A director of a taxi app company in Malaysia with a strong background in travel, transportation and ecommerce
  • An international executive for a taxi app company in Indonesia who previously held e-commerce management positions in Thailand and Vietnam


Now well on the way to grasping the dynamics and disruptive potential of this emerging sector, the client of the tech advisory firm moved closer to making an investment in the sector. According to the consulting director, this research project also piqued the interest of his client, “in other emerging sectors in Southeast Asia, leading to more business opportunities for our firm.”