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岂珀为全球领先的公司提供所需的 专家网络服务。专家网络服务是按照客户的要求寻找行业专家、专家顾问;客户通过电话访谈电话咨询等形式与专家顾问就自己关注的问题进行电话咨询,以达成支持项目。岂珀专家网络见解是岂珀的行业专家就某一热点问题进行深度剖析,多维度解读的高价值专家网络业务。在生物科技行业,一项技术想要使自己处于领导地位,那么它需要在实验室中不断的被完善,但是这严重的延误了生物技术普惠大众的时间。Guidepoint 通过自有的专家网络为生物技术的产业化提供了解决方案。

In biotechnology, developing a new cutting-edge treatment that will help millions of Americans, and doing it faster than anyone else, is what you’re supposed to do. But being a thought leader in the field is who you are. When an American biotechnology company needed to obtain meaningful context on the current treatment landscape for a disease for which they had a promising new treatment under development, they came to Guidepoint to field a large study of selected U.S. physicians. The goal: ensure they would be in the best possible position to present a comprehensive overview of the disease at an upcoming medical conference.


Having just two weeks to complete the assignment, Guidepoint expedited its survey process:
  • Review and refine the questionnaire to maximize its effectiveness and program the survey
  • Use our network to identify thousands of potential participants for this quantitative study, including gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, and other types of specialists. (To match client specifications, we rapidly custom-recruited from one specialty.)
  • Launch the survey and collect responses from a  fully vetted, 300-physican panel
  • Produce a 34-page report with study methodology and data tables


The report reflects the client’s goal, as it offers a window into the current state of the disease from the treating physician’s point of view.
Data includes:  physician time spent managing and treating patients for this disease; awareness of medical guidelines and opinions as to their usefulness; screening and diagnostic protocols used; and treatments prescribed. The survey findings are a critical input to the upcoming presentation.
Guidepoint’s skilled survey team provided the quick resolution the client was seeking. Later, the satisfied client confided that it was “exactly what we were looking for.”